Professional Accomplishments:

I am involved in social services since my childhood days and I have come a long way in my path. I have seen many hardships while embracing my path but my zeal in fighting for the rights of a common man is still alive.

Over the years I have developed strong entrepreneurial spirit which has helped me in learning essential skills like team building, communication, people management, decision making and compassion.

These skills, coupled with passion, are accelerating me towards my dream of a society free from inequality between rich and poor.

My Accomplishments:

  • At 18, I built a successful media start-up with a daily outreach of 1,00,000+ local audiences.
  • At 21, spearheaded a food business to its success.
  • Participated in India Against Corruption (IAC) movement and led a crowd of 50000+.
  • Solitarily built and developed an NGO for public service delivery.
  • Worked as consultant on securing intellectual property for emerging technology companies.
  • Enlightened slum dwellers on the right for basic education of their children.
  • Delivered lectures on cyber security and tech-based incubators.
  • Trained numerous civil service aspirants towards success.
  • Strategic implementation of election management in the panchayat and ULBs election.
  • Fought for consumer rights.